Hun Sen Chamkardaung High School

Truth, Respect and Honour  

Current Affairs

-We are preparing for this year's school returning ceremony.

-Classes will start in mid-November 2017


A number of foreign guests visited the school from the Philippines, Vietnam and the West. We had the honor to welcome Hans from Switzerland, Michael from the UK, Loreto from the Phillipines, Slavek and Eva from Czek Republic, Erjan from the Netherlands, Juniper from Canada, and Tham from Vietnam.



Mr Uy Vuthy's Trip to the U.S.A.(February 2013)

I participated in a Teaching Excellence and Achievement program at California State University, Chico.

On the study trip, we also had several conferences as well as trainings with US Education Department chiefs both in Washington DC and the state of California.

I had an opportunity to go on a field trip teaching experience in a US High School where I could learn most about their school. We visited a lot of other schools in California. The school administrators gave us time to ask about their administration process and the goal of each school. They also brought in students to further clarify our questions.

As a teacher, I had been feeling more motivated by the experience.