Hun Sen Chamkardaung High School

Truth, Respect and Honour  

Our Country

Cambodia is located in South East Asia and is bordered by Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and the Gulf of Thailand to the south. It lies entirely within the tropics, between latitudes 10° and 15°N, and longitudes 102° and 108°


Look at the map and see if you can locate the area in which we are situated. Look for Kep in the very far southeastern corner of the map on the sea.We are just 12 kms north east of Kep along road #33

Population:   14.8 million    Area:     181,035 square kms                

Currency:     Riel (KHR)         Language:     Khmer 

Religion:   Theravada Buddhism     GDP:    $1040                    

Politics: Constitutional Monarchy   Climate: Tropical

Capital: Phnom Penh

History: No doubt you have heard about Cambodia’s modern history which has been turbulent and bloody. Cambodia is renown for the Killing Fields, the Khmer Rouge and various wars and hardships we have endured. We are still plagues by live landmines that kill and maim our citizens every day.

What we are known for today is our magnificent World Heritage listed Angkor ruins scattered mainly around the Siem Reap area, including the sublime Angkor Wat

Our Royal Coat of Arms

Our Motto: 
Nation, Religion, King