Hun Sen Chamkardaung High School

Truth, Respect and Honour  

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer visits will inspire our students and motivate them to be more diligent in learning English and other skills, and to seek a better life for themselves.

You can help by just interacting with our staff and students and also by sharing your stories with us.

We would love to have you visit our school and share your skills, cultures and ideas as a way all of us learn from each other.

We dream to experience the outside world.

Even if you can only spare a few hours it would be greatly appreciated.

Please come and have an authentic Cambodian experience.

Your visit could leave a worthwhile footprint and an impressionable and indelible mark on our student's spirits.

And you may find you come away with a different perspective as well. You don't need to complete any incoming procedures; you can possibly just step in at any time.

Ways you could help

  • Helping students practice conversational English
  • Providing healthcare service to the students as well as our community
  • Photographing and videotaping at our school (we would love to be on YouTube)

  • Sharing your hobbies and pastimes with students whether it be chess, photography, poi, origami, martial arts, boomerang throwing, 

  • Sharing your sporting skills with us-athletics, football, softball,
    Arts/craft lessons

  • Sharing your travel experiences through a slide show presentation

  • Music lessons- singing, choir, instrumental

  • Exchanging information about your country, your life, your dreams

  • Improving our website

  • Starting up a school  garden

  • Finding ways to beautify our school

  • Considering a donation, gift or sponsoring a needy child

  • Supplying reading materials for the public, staff and students

  • Organizing training for the community, teachers, and/or the students