Hun Sen Chamkardaung High School

Truth, Respect and Honour  


Please contact Mr Uy Vuthy, the Volunteer Program Coordinator at the school.

You can ring Vuthy (pronounced Voo-tee)

Mobile: (+855) 93711201


Please ring outside school hours i.e after 6pm (1800 hours) Cambodian time.

Here is the time in Cambodia:




Message from Mr Uy Vuthy (English Teacher at Hun Sen Chamkardaung High School)


 “I am a former student at the Hun Sen Chamkardaung High School and feel indebted for the education I received here. I now have the opportunity to give something back as a teacher of English. Like most teachers here I earn something like $300USD per month which by Western standards is very low but I love this work. I believe a peaceful society is born from people knowing how to socialise and how to treat each other well. I am hoping that these rural high school teens at my school will get the chance to become acquainted with other cultures through visitations from other students, educators, experts and travelers.

My wish is to hear from other schools around the world and to gain knowledge about how to provide quality education for our children. I look forward to an exchange of ideas and philosophies.

Real change stems from embracing new vibrant ideas and putting these ideas into practice.

I am hoping my efforts as a teacher will help the students of my school to turn around and transform the vicious cycle of the past and promote a happy and successful future for them”.




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