Hun Sen Chamkardaung High School

Truth, Respect and Honour  

Sister Schools

We would love to hear from schools in English speaking countries (e.g. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, England, Western Europe, South Africa and USA) so our students can improve their English skills.

Advantages of a Sister School Relationship with our School

It would enable your students to gain an in-depth and authentic understanding of another culture which is quite unlike your own

It would allow our pupils to gain a similar understanding of your culture

Your positive relationship with us could help foster our plan of a better future for our students.

My fellow educators around the world, I hope I can establish some sort of viable relationship with your schools in the future so that our students , the citizens of tomorrow , can both gain from the exchange.

Cultural exchange ideas

  • Letter writing: a good classroom exercise where each student in your class writes a letter for each of our students in a particular class. Letters can be put in one large A4 envelope and posted to our school in Cambodia
  • Send us your drawings, paintings or music in CD or DVD and we will send you ours
  • Make a movie of your school and send it to us. Unfortunately we donít have the resources to reciprocate
  • And ultimately catch a plane and visit us